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My name is Aline Gladh. I am a 2D artist with multiple style and medium skills. Recently I decided to start freelancing after working in the computer games industry for over five years. To view my work please click the WORK label in the menue and choose a category. More art will be up soon and excuse the mess, this site is under construction.

Thank you for visiting!"

  • Over five years as 2Dartist at the wonderful computer game company Paradox Interactive (Paradox Development Studio). When I decided to leave I had reached the level of experienced artist and have worked with icons, interface, concept art, loading screens, event pictures, covers and more.
  • Internship at Rithuset, Sthlm
  • Digital Graphics at Nackademin, Stockholm
  • Concept Art 2 at HGO
  • Concept Art 1 at HGO
  • Art at Wik’s folkhögskola, Uppsala
  • Music and Art (senior High School), Uppsala
  • Sketches and storyboard for Acne Advertising
  • Concept and in game art for Stillfront, Uppsala
  • Logos for the band A Silent Escape
  • Merch art for the band Last View
  • Commissioned paintings private clients


Aline Creatives is now open for commissions!


Stockholm, SWEDEN


aline.lilja.gladh [@] gmail.com


Follow Kirelline for ART and/or Kriminaline for the life of Aline as an aspiring crime novelist.


Aline is also an aspiring crime novelist writing about the fictive artist Lo Karlberg who solves crimes in a small village in Sweden. Follow Kriminaline on instagram and/or visit www.alineliljagladh.com